Loan Against Car Johannesburg Frequently Asked Questions.

How long does it take get cash once my loan has been approved?

It does not take more than 30 minutes to get paid once your loan application is approved. As long as we have everything we need, we will wait for your approval and that’s when we will send cash into your account.

What do I need to apply for a loan?

You will need the following in order to apply for a loan:

  • Proof of car ownership
  • Personal identification documents
  • Latest 3 to 6 month bank statements
  • Vehicle in good condition

I am blacklisted and have a bad credit record, can I still apply for a loan?

Yes, because we do not check for your credit history and or status. We only check and verify your current income is enough for us to be able to make you an offer that we know you will be able to payback if you are committed.

Why don’t you do a credit check?

We don’t do credit checks because they are not relevant to our business process. We only need to know that you are able to make monthly repayments without much effort.

I have a classic car that’s older than 15 years, can I use my classic Ferrari to get a loan?

Yes, you can use you classic Ferrari to secure a loan against it. Classic cars have a prestige value in the market and you can get high amounts of cash up to R500 000 when using them to secure a loan.